Friday, 26 November 2010

Christmas marketing, a cold and wintry perspective

Every year the same question
For all of us who, like Rembrandt himself, feel horrified before the idea of Christmas Shopping, we, the artists,
always suggest to our friends, to be sensible and leave the money in more human places, like market stalls, local craft shops and artists' studios, where the stoves, thanks to their contribution, can be relit with infinite gratitude.
So, here's my offer of the Santa Season:

Original Etchings from £50.00 to £150.00

Original drawings and paintings from £50.00 to £400.00

Now, I just have to sit and wait for a call or an email from someone wanting to buy a piece, and hopefully not freeze like poor Rembrandt's portrait and all the rest of my back-stream art work.

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